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What We Believe

At the Grace Place, we believe that this is our time in history to live in the context of Jesus’ model prayer, when he taught us to pray to our Heavenly Father: “Your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”. This is our time, and this is our location, to advance the work of God’s Kingdom here and now. Because of our belief in the authority of God’s Word, we hold to six core values:

Worship – Loving God: We believe there is divine blessing and power in living a lifestyle that honors and pleases God, and that we are called to worship him.

Discipleship – A Learning Lifestyle: We want to do more than know about God, we want to be followers of Jesus. We have an intentional strategy to enable followers to grow in their faith and relationship with Him. We teach and preach and seek to live the Bible message of Christ.

Strong Families – Healthy Marriages & Parenting: The family is the backboneof our society, and we believe that God has the answers for the challenges families will face in our day.

Community – Relationships with Others: Christianity is not a solo event; it was from the beginning the call to God’s family, and the goal was to love God and love each other. Small groups are the way we choose to connect with each other.

Mission – Being the Church: We are not content to simply attend church meetings; we are convinced that the local congregation has a task to accomplish. It is the mission given to us by our Leader, Jesus Christ. We cannot ignore his call for us to “go and make disciples of all thenations”; and ” be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth”. We work to impact our local community in specific ways, we send mission teams to other areas including Central America, and we encourage our members to Be The Church wherever they live, play, and work.

Stewardship: Responsible Use of Resources.


Jesus is the subject. Jesus came to change the world. As followers of Christ, we, too, are called to change the world by demonstrating the love of Christ.


We are in the reclamation business—changing the world by taking back what Hell has stolen.

Mission Born emphasizing the unity and holiness of God’s people, calling for the reformation of the church with these truths in view, we also know that ours is a call to expand the Kingdom of God. Whenever a soul is redeemed, the Kingdom expands. Whenever light penetrates the darkness, whenever justice prevails over injustice, whenever knowledge replaces ignorance, whenever healing mends what is broken, whenever freedom in Christ overcomes the bondage of this world, whenever Jesus is owned as Lord where once He was not, the Kingdom expands. Hell has stolen much; Heaven’s design is to take it back. Jesus is the Way.

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