Serve at GP

From creating an environment where everyone feels at home by serving on the First Impressions Team, to leading the next generation by serving on the Kids Team, to crafting a dynamic Sunday morning experience with the Creative Team, to helping people make connections and build relationships by leading a Lifegroup—the service team is a group of people actively making a difference in the lives of others.

GP Kids

Be a part of shaping this generation of kids by engaging them with the Gospel through our weekend experiences on Sundays and through Kids church on Sunday Mornings.

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GP Students

Help invest in this generation of students through leading on Wednesday nights & various activities throughout the year.

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Help create authentic and engaging worship experiences through leading worship, operating cameras for our livestream, and programming lights + help tell stories through photography and social media.

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Facility Support

Assist leadership with behind the scenes logistics through safety, set up, tear down, administration, and facility care.

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First Impressions

Be the first to welcome guests as soon as they arrive, answer any questions they might have, help them find the best seats available, and be part of making every effort for our guests to not just feel welcomed, but to feel at home.

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