October Series: Core Values

Discipleship and Community – Learning Lifestyle 

Icebreaker Questions:

What did you learn about community during our September series?

How does discipleship apply to your daily life?

Read Acts 2:42-47 and Matthew 18:20 NIV

During the September Unity Series, we delved deeper into what community means in the church. Jesus wants us to be one as He and the Father are One. We are stronger together than apart. We forget sometimes that when we are together God is there with us, helping us, cheering us, giving us strength. We are Christ’s disciples. We are connected to our Christian brothers and sisters for a reason. Our bond helps us grow, gives us a place to serve, reminds us to share and creates a safe community. Discipleship and community are core values we can always improve.

How did the community of believers spend their time?

What was happening because of their connection?

How did they grow during this period of fellowship?

How were needs of the community met?

What was the response from the outside community?

What promise of protection do we have from Jesus?

How does your small group resemble the first century Christians?

What could you learn from them?


Share prayer together as a group.