The following questions can be used as a weekly recap in a small group setting or as a personal study aid for the sermon preached by Lead Pastor, Tommy Dove, at the Grace Place. Past sermons are available offline here. For more information on participating in a Life Group study, stop by the Welcome Center.

June Series – Priority List

Being on Mission – 06/17/2018

Looking Back to Last Week:

Last week we discussed that our #2 priority is securing my family

How has family contributed to shaping your life?

This Week:

So far on our Priority List we have #1 Knowing God and #2 Securing My Family.  Priority #3 is Being on Mission.  A couple of decades ago “Mission Statements” became very popular.  Every company had to have a mission statement that stated their purpose for being in business.  Even churches developed mission statements to verbalize their ministry.

Gideon was down in a pit when God came to visit him, literally, but God had a different opinion of Gideon’s potential.  With God’s presence with us, our mission is more than one person.

Read Judges 6:11-16

Why was Gideon threshing wheat in a winepress?

How did Gideon express his frustration to the angel?

How does God’s opinion of Gideon compare to his own?

What was the mission that God gave Gideon?

When have you felt like Gideon when given a mission?

Why does it matter that God sees our potential?

What should our mission statement say?

Looking forward to next week:

During this week, evaluate the mission God has given you.

Write your own mission statement.


Pray for God’s presence in all areas of our lives.