Kids Ministry

What is Kids Ministry?

Here at Grace Place, we have about 50 Children who are experiencing the love of Christ on Sunday Mornings and Wednesday Nights. We have a great team of leaders who are teaching and being examples of Jesus to these children. On Sunday Morning’s, the Children are invited into the Worship Service to experience others around them worshiping. After the worship service has ended, the Children go back to a time of learning about Christ in a fashion that suited for each grade level. We would love to have your children come experience Jesus and experience what a relationship with him looks like!

Security of our Children is top priority for us, that is why we have a system Called Kid Check. Once you arrive at Grace Place, there is a check in system that allows you to address concerns, allergies, authorize individuals to pick up your child, etc… A label is then printed off and attached to your child’s clothes. If you have any questions or concerns, please get in touch with our church office at

Infant Classes (6 weeks – walking) Infants enjoy lots of personal attention from the teachers and workers who care for them. Bright colorful toys and play areas make exploration fun while two cribs give room for naps too. We want our infants to learn that church is a place where they are loved.
Toddler Classes (walking and 3 and potty trained) Our toddlers love seeing their friends, playing with age-appropriate toys, and learning songs and stories about Jesus. Our goal is for toddlers to look forward to coming to church and to learn that Jesus loves them.
GP Kids 4 years through 4 grade Elementary kids are invited to Children’s Church midway through morning worship. That’s were kids get to worship kid-style, have a message just for them, and take part in special activities that give them a chance to serve and connect with the day’s lesson in ways they can remember.
GP 5th Grade The pre “teenage” years are exciting and scary all at the same time.
GP 5 is a place where 5th grade students can connect with Jesus Christ and grow a firm foundation of faith.
Meeting Times
Wednesday Night Bible at 7pm | Sunday Mornings Following Worship Service @ 1030 CST

Kids "Play Date" Every Friday in February 9am - 1pm