We know it can be a bit intimidating to visit a church for the first time, so we want to provide you with an outline of what you can expect from your visit to Grace Place. We’re a friendly, enthusiastic church of all colors, ages, backgrounds, and types, and we’re glad you’re coming to visit!

What We Believe

Salvation makes us members of God’s church. We believe that the church is composed of every person who has accepted Jesus Christ as Savior. We enter into the life of the church, not by joining a denomination or a human organization, but by committing our lives to Christ (John 3:1–7).
Christians are called to be one. We believe that God calls all followers of Christ to live in unity and peace, regardless of who they are or the church they attend (Gal 3:28). While we may not agree on everything, we can rally around our subject, Jesus.
We must be holy. We believe that followers of Christ have been called to live a life of love, purity, and godliness. We are called to live like Christ, taking on a new nature (2 Cor 5:17).

We also embrace these biblical principles:

The Lordship of Jesus. There is one Lord, who is God’s Son Jesus Christ, over the church. Christ is the church’s ultimate authority on all matters (Acts 2:36).
Making Disciples. Each of us is called to fulfill Matthew 28:18–20, making fully devoted followers of Christ—disciples—who will then teach others to follow Christ.
Loving God and Neighbor. We are called to fulfill Matthew 22:37–39, not only loving God with our entire being, but also loving all that he loves.
The Work of the Holy Spirit. God’s Spirit equips believers with unique gifts that enable us to carry out the mission of Christ in the world. At the same time, the Spirit produces love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control in every believer (Galatians 5:22–23), which demonstrate the Spirit’s presence within us.
Stewardship. Since God is the source of life, all of life is to be used for the honor, glory, and service of God (Psalm 24:1).


A member of our welcome team will greet you as you enter the front doors. We provide free coffee before each service at our Cafe. At the Welcome Center you can also meet our greeters, who will answer any questions you may have about Grace Place. Restrooms are located to the left of the Cafe close to the side entrance of the Church. There are two entrances to the sanctuary, One through the center of the lobby, and the other located by the side entrance of the Church.


We encourage you to come to the feet of Jesus in whatever manner you feel most comfortable. You will see everything from jeans and t-shirts to “Sunday Best” suits and ties – feel free to come as you are! With us, you’ll never be judged or treated differently by how dressy or casual you appear, your taste in body art, or the amount of money it looks like you have in your bank account. Our desire is to come to the Lord with one voice, as one body – with many parts.


You’ll see pretty quickly that we love to worship through music! You will hear music from every stage and style of the church, from timeless hymns to the newest worship anthems, from gospel to modern worship, and everything in between. We love to worship enthusiastically! From raised hands to dancing feet, there will be active praise going on throughout the sanctuary. Just know that you may participate in whatever posture is comfortable for you, and will never be required to engage in any specific way.


Pastor Tommy is passionate about preaching the full gospel in his messages. Pastor Tommy employs a combination of profound and thought-provoking biblical truth with practical life application points.


We come to the table of the Lord corporately on the first Sunday of each month, and on Easter Sunday. During this time, we celebrate by the taking of bread and wine to symbolically represent the body and blood of Jesus. You do not have to be a regular attender of Grace Place to participate in communion with us.